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Monday, April 2, 2012

Nostalgia and Little Sisters

A dear blogging friend of mine, who will be referred to on here as Cypress, whom I've lately considered somewhat of a little sister, needs herself a blog post. She is thinking of not going to her senior prom. Her reasons are NOT acceptable. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful at their senior prom, and no one should be hindered from going because they are worried about dates or the way they'll look. I'm posting this idea for her. I'd appreciate comments of encouragement that I'll forward to her blog. Or just click on the link to her blog and do it yourself.

I'm a big fan of chiffon. I think it's whimsical and classy. That one strap will make you feel more secure and held together. Strapless dresses can be scary with big boobs. And then there's just a little sparkle that you can coordinate jewelry with for some more glam. Also... if you're daring... red lipstick and a smokey eye. Also. Don't wear your hair down. Up does stay in longer and you'll get hot and sweaty dancing. There is PLENTY more I could tell you, girlie. But you have my number. If you WANT to know anything I know you'll ask. BUT YOU ARE GOING TO PROM!


Cypress said...

ahhhh. that is nice; I love chiffon to :D Thank you for all your help!!

kyle gene said...

Prom is a good time. It is an American rite of passage. I'm not big on America... or rites of passage, for that matter--but I'm glad I went to prom nonetheless. Dressing up and feeling like a million bucks and being around hundreds of people who look just as good as you (okay not QUITE as good as you...) is pretty thrilling.