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Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Oh, and people who think knowing Wagon Wheel makes them folk fans..."

We all have things we’re great at and things we could improve upon. But there’s always that list of things that we’re just utter shit at and we will never be better at, no matter how hard we try. My list is embarrassingly long because I’m no good at being a grown up, but here is the Top 16 Things I’m Bad At:

  1. Following directions
  2. Calming the fuck down
  3. Observation
  4. Mingling
  5. Losing
  6. Beginning to cry and ceasing to cry
  7. Rational thinking
  8. Being alone in my house
  9. Tolerating homophobes
  10. Math
  11. Tests
  12. Math tests
  13. Finishing projects
  14. Liking those people who have never read Harry Potter
  15. Or who think they’re fun. fans because they know We Are Young
  16. Oh, and people who think knowing Wagon Wheel makes them folk fans. I have a hard time liking them, too. I like Old Crow Medicine Show, but y’all haven’t been looking much deeper than any of your other hipster friends. Let me make you a playlist. Everyone knows that song.
  17. I’m also terrible at getting over my bitchiness about things that matter a little as people who think they know music despite the fact they know only what MTV and the radio have exposed them to. Even that sounded bitchy. I should really get off my pedestal. People will start to hate me.

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Cypress said...

I agree! I hate it when people think they're super hipsters cause they know one song by one band. puh-lease. And I can't get over the Harry Potter thing either. I mean people really just read it or else we have nothing to talk about. :P (<----is joke)