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Thursday, July 12, 2012

AHHHHHH! Dejected and Pathetic

I am frustrated. And there's no one to yell at because no ONE has done anything wrong. And I honestly know nothing is going poorly enough to warrant too much craziness. So I thought this was a decent place to vent.

  1. I just replaced the rubbers on my bike. Now the chain is broken. That bike ride I've been looking forward to all week was less than short-lived.
  2. Ian is straight up picking on Grandma. He's called her at 5am and 3:30am now. He's called her asking for my DVDs (thanks, bro), because he "has a tv now" (maybe, maybe not, since he can barely afford toilet paper). He got jumped...? Which is why he called me then Grandma but never Mom or Jim. *Why does he think I'm the weakest link!?* I'm too nice. Psht. I've ignored his last three calls.
  3. I'm leaving tomorrow. And I'm crazy excited to see my friends again, get back to work, and fall in love with a new set of campers. But I'm going to miss my family. I don't even really want to see them when I'm there. I just hate transitions. I hate saying goodbye, which is why I get all bitchy and mean before I leave; because I am stressed and sad. But then I feel even sadder when I try to go to sleep that night remembering how mean I was. I'm already feeling anxious about it. I think that's my aversion to packing. I have a hard time packing, unless I'm going somewhere with someone. I just put it off, because I don't like to think about leaving. It's really hard on me.
Okay. The list made it a little better actually. That and Wagon Wheel. I cried a little. I'll admit. But all will be well. I think spending time with my family tonight will make it a little easier. But then I'm off to party and off to work. I kind of need a big hug right now.
This is a picture of me right now feeling dejected and pathetic.


mym2bw said...

Hug. Consider yourself hugged.

mym2bw said...

Plus nerd, you're already packed. Thanks, Jimmy.

kyle gene said...

I'm sure dinner with Miss Karmon Jae Kuhn is cheering you up. How could it not?

Big hug!

Unknown said...

You do deject and pathetic pretty well. You also do joyous and loving even better.

Alisa said...

Transitions suck! Sad face.

Kayla said...

I love you Tbird :)

Cypress said...

*big hug*

Kelsie Jo said...

I need a big hug, too. We're in the same hugless boat. /: