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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More sill-sitting, and book suggestions?

I was doing so badly. I was so, so tired. I was lacking motivation. And then I was all, "I haven't taken my meds in a week." Oh. So I took my meds today, and today has been exponentially better. I've actually had a shitty day, but I've felt pretty decently about it. I had to get up at 6:00 for Fusion practice at 7:00 a.m. No big deal. The bottoms of my pants got wet in the giant puddle that is Indiana State. Who cares? Root Hall was bordering on subzero Fahrenheit. Could be worse. I forgot my car keys in my room so I had to backtrack about 5 minutes, wasting a total of 10 minutes. Okay. That kind of pissed me off. But isn't that a normal thing to be pissed off about? Hating the sun for rising is kind of abnormal, I think. But trudging in the grossness and cold to get my keys was understandably frustrating. But I recovered nicely. I even took a minute to change pants and pee out my two cups of cranberry juice (I seriously have a thing for cranberry juice lately) since I was already in my room.

Finals are fast approaching, friends. I simply cannot believe this is dead week. It's not all that dead for me, unfortunately with my performance at the Pacers game tomorrow and the Showcase on Friday, but my usual meetings are cancelled which gives me a little time to rest. I haven't been all that productive. But I genuinely believe that's all to do with my neglect of my meds for so incredibly long. Hopefully I'll start to make better time of my empty spaces.

I'm pretty stinking excited for the Waycross Staff Reunion. It's been on my mind since it was mentioned at the end of the summer. I didn't get to go last year. I had a blast in Chicago with my family, but I sorely missed the people I worked with. This year, I have managed to see far more of them, but I miss them even more. I just didn't have the same relationships my first summer working as I did this past summer. These are my people. And I get to see them again!

I need a new book by the way. I read 5 books in November, and I'm challenging myself to 5 books in December. I'm looking for a YA book that's a little lighter, relatively short, and funny. I need a little funny in my life right now. Suggestions?

So. This post was on the verge of word vomit. So here's the summary.
  • I was getting really sad and realized I hadn't been taking my meds. Fixed!
  • This is a crazy two weeks for me. BLEH!
  • I need book suggestions.
  • I'm still pretty much on the sill. I was looking outside a little too much, but I checked myself before I caused a car wreck down there.

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