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Friday, July 26, 2013

Part 2 of Day 1

I planned on finishing up last night in the hotel, but after we got there and went swimming for a while, I basically collapsed in the hotel. Besides Mom didn't put shampoo in the hotel toiletries, so my hair was (and is) basically yuck. I was in a shitty mood and didn't feel like writing. So now that we're on the road again, I'll finish up yesterday.

peanut veggie wrap
Like I said, we planned on not eating lunch because we'd had such a late breakfast. So instead we had an early dinner. I used Happy Cow to find restaurants in Springfield, Missouri that would be vegan-friendly. Some local vegetarians and vegans had piped up with reviews. I finally decided on Migulito's Wrap and Roll Cafe because it was the only one that said vegan specifically. Someone had suggested the peanut veggie wrap, so I thought I'd give that a try.

It had peppers, broccoli, yams, brown rice, curry, and a peanut sauce. It also came with chips and salsa. I ended up mixing the salsa in with the burrito which probably sounds odd, but I thought it could use a little more spice, and I'm more than fond of cilantro. YUM. I posted a picture of the menu to give you an idea of what I had as well as the pricing of the restaurant. Keep in the mind the portion sizes were huge. I probably should have shared, especially since we were on the road, and transporting leftovers would have been a real hassle.

It was a cool little restaurant with some local art and really friendly owners. Mom wasn't very happy with what she had, but after working with them got something else and was much happier. They also sold fruit water for only 50 cents. Overall, I liked it a lot and would suggest it to a fellow veggie. However, I don't really know anyone from Springfield, Missouri, so what I really want to say with this, is that using your online community of veggie friends can help you a lot. I can't know that what I ate was vegan for sure unless I looked up the ingredients (especially in the sauce). But someone else said they spoke with the owners and were assured that meal was vegan, so I took their word for it... and it was awesome.

For dessert my family went to a froyo place in a college town. Lot's of people with Lois Vuitton. Anyway, with further research I found that those little fruit balls aren't vegan. :( They have calcium lactate. I'd asked someone at an Orange Leaf a while ago if they were and I was told they were because they were made with seaweed, yadda yadda. Which is true. But calcium lactate is an animal derivative. Boooo. But further research told me that the rest of my dessert was vegan-friendly. Fresh strawberries and mandarin oranges with key lime and pink lemonade dairy-free froyo.

Anyway, that's all! Leave your favorite vegan dessert recipes in the comments. I'll try my favorites and give you credit when I post it!

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