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Thursday, April 26, 2012

This has not been my week... or moth, really.

Last night, after all the drama of which I've previously posted, there was more drama, that I don't care to get into on here because I don't want to publish family business on public domain. If I ever write an autobiography, I'll be sure to include that story for your viewing pleasure. I really hope that by the time I get around to telling the story it'll be more funny than depressing as hell.

I love bananas.

I had Fusion at 6:00 IL time this morning. It was short. Sweet baby Jesus, thank you! So I changed clothes in the men's restroom. The women's was being cleaned unfortunately, so I just sneaked in there. But when I was changing in the stall, someone came in and used the urinal. It wasn't even weird or awkward, which is why it's sort of a notable anecdote for me. I felt like I should have been afraid or uncomfortable. And I think I was just too tired for any kind of intense emotion like those. I just waited for him to finish, gave him a few minutes to get away from the bathroom, and left. Then I ate me some breakfast. Bananas. <3 And I called my mommy. Sometimes that's just so necessary--talking to your mama.

I ate alone, which wasn't so bad. Again. Usually that drives me crazy. I'm paranoid people will think I'm a friendless loser. But I'm pretty sure no one cares--just like I don't care when I see people sitting alone. And I don't invite them to sit with me anymore--that went poorly once. Some people are sitting alone for a reason. But I was just sitting alone because no one was awake at 7:30 IN time. No one. Like, this campus is a ghost town.

I love soy milk.

But when I got off the phone with my mama I thought I saw Kaylee, and so I went over to sit with her. It was weird because I was walking towards her back, facing only her companion, who was a girl I'd never met. I kept making uncomfortable eye contact with that girl, and I thought, when I see Kaylee it'll all make sense and she'll introduce us. But it wasn't Kaylee. So I just left with my banana. I wish they'd let me take the soy milk. Silk.

And now I'm free until 2:00 IN. So I'm wasting time right now. I think I'll start my German homework at 9:30 and do it until my cancelled class would normally end. But then I scheduled a study party for the German 202 final from 10:45 until German 495 at 2:00. I must hate myself. Anyway. Then I'll start to take stuff down to my car at 3:15 until like 5:00. Then dinner? If I have friends, which I may not. Then I'm going to Vagina Monologues at 7:30. I'm pretty sure I have no homework for tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I have nothing for tomorrow, period. I just need to studystudystudy.

This has not been my week... or month, really. But I'm still alive. Just like always, I'll keep passing the open windows. I'm seriously considering getting that as a tattoo. Also. I kind of just want to run a church camp. But I really want to be a therapist. Can I do both? How does that work? How does life work? Does love really conquer all? And where is the other sock?

Dobby has it.

No. I'm not going to sum-up this word vomit. I know I usually do. Don't care.

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kyle gene said...

Hm. Breaking form and NOT summing up a "word vomit" post. I don't know how to feel about that.

You can run a church camp that doubles as therapy?