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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lessons from Campers and Things I Love


This is it. I'm about to finish packing up and go to camp! I'm going through the motions: finishing laundry, finding my hiking boots, panicking about my camera... all the things necessary to get on that winding road that leads me to those red doors and bathhouse steps. Soon, that lanyard hanging on my key hook, will be more than rustic decoration. Soon it will mean authority, and responsibility. It will mean love and patience. It will mean all those things it means to me as a nine year-old girl--except that it is mine.

Blogging. At camp, I'm hoping to blog at least twice a week. I don't know when or how that's going to occur, but I know that it will. I say at least, because I know that every week, I'll have a post with these titles:
Lessons from Campers
Things I Love

I really believe we have a lot to learn from children. I've always heard that, but it always meant less to me than when I discovered that to be true for myself. I have learned some really brilliant things from my campers, from age 8-14. They never cease to impress me with their insight and to remind me what it is to be good. They see things so black and white. And I, sadly, have grown past that. I live in a world of greys that cannot be defined by a simple good and evil. But sometimes that black and white thinking is far wiser than my complicated color wheel of storm clouds. Because I really believe everyone is good at heart. I believe everyone wants to do their best, and with love--always love--they can figure out what their best is, and they can be that.

So I want to record those lessons I learn. Sometimes they'll be funny, I think. No one who works with children can keep from laughing--unless they're pretty awful with children.

I also want to write about things I love. Because in the natural world there is plenty to love, and I need to remind myself of that. The trees, the cabins, the creek, the people... they all play a part in what is an undeniably positive experience. I love that world. In part, I'm telling you how much I love it because I want to share it with you. I want you to live vicariously through me, or better yet, to feel inspired to see those things you love in your own life--because I can assure you there are plenty. But I also want to make habit of it. It's so easy to find what I love at camp because my time there is fleeting. Because the entire community services children and their happiness. Because I am in nature and among those who respect it. But my life here, in the real world, isn't so bad either. The theory: if I begin to look for and define the things I love, then I will continue to do it once I've left. Who knows if I'll keep defining it on my blog, but that's not really the point. I just want to force myself to notice what makes my life a construct of love.

In comments I'd love for you to tell me things you love about your life. I want to know that I've made you search; to open your eyes. (Also, I really just want comments.) Also, tell me the funny, or insightful things you hear kids say every day. Those of you who are surrounded by kids know what I mean. Bless me with those lessons.

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kyle gene said...

I love walking outdoors--something I get to do nearly every day with you. I love being out around the trees and the barking dogs and the sky at various times of day. I love intelligent conversation and the friends with whom I can intelligently converse. I love learning new things and thinking in different ways.

The other day at the gas station (you were actually in the car) I heard a mother tell someone that her son said that it was going to be "freezing hot" in Florida. We know that freezing refers to extreme cold (or literally, below zero Celsius) but that child simply equated the word with extremes, indiscriminately. I thought that was worth noting.