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Thursday, August 2, 2012

I think that...

school from k-12 should be more like camp. The classes would be way smaller, or they would rotate early on. The teachers would start with staff training, and they would learn to love one another as family. The teachers should eat lunch with their students--on occasion offering to sit outside at a picnic table. The students should be allowed to chew gum, and stand up while they're doing their homework if that pleases them. The teacher would get to know each student on a personal basis. They would know the names of the child's pets. They would be able to point out a bully early on. They would play with them at recess. Class can be as fun as rock wall climbing, or canoeing... but it isn't to most kids.  They spend seven hours a day there.
But that's in a perfect world.
Me after an all-nighter, writing a paper for Psychology.

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kyle gene said...

That's an awesome parallel to draw. I definitely agree that a school that ran in such a fashion would reap positive fruits. And how much happier would people be? Tons! Because you've made something that once once tedious and uber-regulated and made it fluid and intriguing on both the intellectual and interpersonal levels. Great post :)