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Friday, August 3, 2012

So I freak out, then I remind myself to smile.

I need to keep my head on straight. Making lists makes me feel better. But just being should make me feel happy, you know? But transitions are hard. We all know that. GAHHH. So here's my list. Let's see if it makes me feel better.

  • Buy school supplies
  • Check to see if school books are posted for any classes
  • Sort things to go to school.
  • Lunch with Frau :)
  • Meet up with Heidi
  • Meet up with Sara
    • The problem with the above 3 is that Mom doesn't have anything planned for the next week. I have no idea what my expectations are, so I can't tell them any dates. The time will come and go, and I won't get to see them.
  •  Get a job
  • Follow up on my applications
  • Get organized on recruitment stuff--Call Jess
  • Sleep
And now to make me feel better:
Anchor my ass!

1 comment:

Jacob Somers said...

Books should be posted by now. Mine were at least.