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Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Quiz

The Quiz by Hello Saferide was easily my favorite song a few months ago. I listened to it on repeat, and it brought up questions in my mind. What would my own quiz consist of? Her list was clever and raw. It defined her hopes and expectations as well as her fears upon entering a new relationship. I sensed a cautious kind of "next step." You could tell she'd been hurt, and she was a little scared, but she was moving forward regardless. I think we all have an unspoken list of requirements for potential partners. Most people haven't put those requirements into words, which can kind of suck. Some offended or hurt when their unspoken rules are broken. Or they just don't find someone worth having, because those standards aren't clear enough in their minds. But I know those standards, those hopes, are in our hearts--silent. So I'm giving those feelings a voice. Here's my quiz:

If you want this...

you better love this.
  1. Do you like Harry Potter, and which house are you in?
  2. Are you willing to do the dishes, if I'm willing to do the laundry?
  3. Can you put away your phone when we're together?
  4. and can you call me when you know I'm anxious, and text me good morning?
  5. Can you tolerate my bitchiness when I'm premenstrual, and find the ibuprofen when I'm there?
  6. Can you watch you've got mail over and over and over and over and over and over...
  7. Can you be good to my friends, and love my family like your own?
  8. Will you take me on adventures?
  9. Do you like kids, and do they like you?
  10. Can you remind me to take my meds, and handle me when I forget?
  11. Will you sing with me in the car, and attempt to learn the Waycross songbook?
  12. Will you turn off the air and roll down the windows?
  13. Do you wear glasses, and do you like mine?
  14. Will you learn to love Waycross as I do?
  15. Do you care if I don't wear makeup or fix my hair? Will you think I'm pretty anyway?
  16. Will you make me a friendship bracelet?
  17. Will you sit on the fence, or jump fences for me?
  18. How far left do you lean, and what is your stance on God?
  19. Are you creeped out by pansexuality, and how do you define yourself?
  20. Do you like string band music?
  21. Will you read books with me, then discuss them over coffee?
  22. Will you hold the door for me, but let me hold the door for you?
  23. Will you hold my hand through finals?
  24. Are you feminist?
  25. Will you give me massages, and will you cuddle on the couch?
  26. Will you write me letters when we're apart?
  27. Will you watch every single episode of Buffy and Dark Angel without making fun of the terrible writing? Oh, and will you be nice even when I accidentally tell you the ending?
  28. Will you be my date at all my sorority dances?
  29. Will you only say love when you mean it?
  30. What are your standards?
I'm curious to know what you want from a relationship. Tell me in the comments.

Here's the song I was talking about.


Bri said...

I just read the lyrics to the song, and I have to say that have a bunch of questions in mind when you get moderately serious with someone might night be a bad idea.. it might even help keep things in perspective.

Jacob Somers said...

1.I WAS Harry Potter from 4th-6th grade. I pretend I would be in Ravenclaw but I'm doubtlessly a Hufflefart.
3.My phone is only out cause I'm texting you.
4. Yes. Always.
5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xau71Ybz1kw&feature=relmfu and I have an econo-bottle
6. Only if you watch bad/old horror movies with me
7. Yes, can you?
8. Whenever feasible.
9.Yes, and I hope?
10.I am the worst at remembering anything ever always. So yes to the second part of the question
11.I'll attempt to poorly harmonize and perhaps.
12. Best feeling ever
13. Yes and yes (very much)
14. I don't know if I have a choice :)
15. Makeup is how people make themselves feel normal. I never understood it, so people not wearing makeup has never been a thing. Yes.
16. I'm not good at making things, but if you want one I'll try.
17. Not sure if this question is literal or allegorical.
18. Very far left, and in the many long years I've debated the existence of Mr. God I have finally decided he is neither present or necessary.
19. One of my best friends is pan-sexual and no one has ever described love to me more vividly. I, myself, am heterosexual but, I know how to appreciate love and beauty in both sexes.
20. If for nothing but the historical value, yes.
21. Only if you choose good books. (Yes)
22. I like this question. Absolutely.
23. If you'll hold mine.
24. I'm new to the subject, but I like it a lot. I identify myself as a feminist.
25. Will you give me massages back (yes) and yes?
26. I'm notoriously bad at letter writing. I'm legit awful. But if you would like, I can try.
27. Yes, but I'm also notorious for MST3K style commentary due to terrible writing.
28. Yes, but only if you'll come to ethnic festivals with me.
29. Yes. All the way yes.
30. My standards are so complex one might say that they are unintelligible. So I'll write a similar blog post to try and explain.

Shannon said...

i love the idea to go out and speak what your heart desires i know its hard for me because i dont want to be disappointed but here i go! I want someone who is passionate about what he is doing with his life. someone who makes me want to dream bigger than i ever have before. I want a guy who knows how to communicate his feelings in an understanding way, and can tell me when im wrong about something and help me understand why. thats just a few things :)

Whitney said...

Darling dear.

First of all, I love and miss your face, and reading this blog made me remember why you're so delightful.

As far as what I want in a relationship, I've found what I've wanted in my boyfriend, Nick, so I'll try to explain what he does that makes me so undoubtedly smitten, always.
First of all, he's so incredibly supportive. No matter what I'm doing, even if it's something small that isn't necessarily anything to be proud of, he makes me feel like I've done something great. He's my number one fan, my head cheerleader, all of that. I appreciate that so, so much, because no one in my life has really been like that to me.
Also, I love the way that we're both honest and upfront with one another. We communicate on a regular basis. I can talk to him about EVERYTHING, and he's the same way with me. We can do this because we're both mature and we don't judge one another.
I also love that, even though he and I don't share the same opinions on certain things, we can still discuss them and appreciate the fact that the other has ideas that are different. We can talk politics, religion, and other similar subjects on which we disagree, state our points, and move on without feeling hostility or other negative emotions.
I also lovelovelove that he treats me like a princess. Even when I'm not wearing makeup and my hair is Medusa-like (as he calls it), he still thinks I'm gorgeous. In fact, he often tells me that he likes me dressed-down much more than he likes me all done up. Also, this week I've been recovering from surgery and he has taken care of me every day. Making sure I take my meds, refilling my ice pack, making me food, everything. He's done it. It's meant the world to me.

Basically, it's the little things. I've never been much of a grand gesture kind of girl. My boyfriend understands this, and therefore he makes the little things count. That's what you gotta find.

Love you, darling. Can't wait to see you next weekend. <3